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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sorry not Sokka - but I just need to post this-

In Defense of the Extreme Feminist:

Ever get tired of those women? You know the ones. The bra burning, hairy legged woman who works full time, throws paint on fur coat owners, wears tuxes to prom and tweets #killallmen while getting arrested for walking around topless in new york city.

Now look at all the stereotypes I just threw out there. Are all of them accurate? Wild, improper, uncultured women who hate men and wish to see society burn is not what feminism is about. It just isn't. These women can be annoying and detrimental to the worlds view on what feminists really are but frankly; they prove a point for feminists as well – they show to the privileged group what it is like to be the unprivileged ones. They are cursed out and shown a way of thinking that they disagree with. They do not like the hardcore feminist because she tells them how to be. The difference is that someone being told certain morals, by a hardcore feminist can walk away. They do not have to live in that world. I cannot walk away from that. That is something I experience every day on the news, from anyone who tells me my shirt is too low cut, my stomach not tight enough or my views too extreme.

I myself am repulsed by unshaven female legs. I'll admit it. I've tried very very very hard to look past it, because people should always be allowed to treat their bodies the way they want to be treated, yet when I see female body hair I still cringe. I don't know if its something that’s been conditioned in me, but frankly it doesn't matter. Who cares what I feel about their legs, it only matters what they feel. Same with bras. I may want one, but that doesn't mean someone else will.

Ask yourself, for a second though, WHY you do not like the extreme feminist. Seriously, do so. Does she shove her decisions down your throat, try to put feelings and words in your mouth? Does she threaten your sense of control in your life? What about your guilt for not being understanding enough. Does she annoy you with self-righteous promotion?

What you posit is that the “Feminazi” Is practicing Sexism against the male gender, but the thing is, it is impossible for any woman to be sexist to a man, as it is impossible for any ethnic minority to be racist against white people, or for gays to be heterophobic.
Reverse-isms just cannot exist by definition. In order for something to be racist or sexist or any insertnamehereist, there are two things required: prejudice--the hatred of a particular group of people for being who they are--and privilege. Minorities inherently do not have privilege. To reiterate from Cal, a person telling their boss they are fired does nothing.

The argument for reverse sexism is this: Girls can and are anti men. Not all the time, for sure, but there are many instances where women seem to get away with something a man could not. This means you are against prejudice--and that is admirable. But contributing to men’s rights organizations is as useless as contributing to straight pride parades, white history month and the golden globes. They may have prejudice put against them but it does not stop them from walking away from the person who is infringing their rights. It does not affect an entire group, only individuals. On a macrocosmic level, these organizations do nothing but stymie the legitimacy of actual racial, gender and LBGTQ movements.

Where am I going with this then? What you are hearing, when you hear a woman or man speak radically about feminist views is the same prejudice accosting we, as women, or ethnic minorities or Genderqueer people have thrown at us every day from the powers of the socio-political government: from the tradition of the straight white cys norm. The only difference between what the United States Governmentand Feminists is who is making decisions that impact real people.

Feminazis say abort all unwanted babies.
Texas kept a brain dead pregnant women alive for two months against her own wishes.

Feminazis say #killallmen causing anger amongst the populous.
A boy in California guns down women and men because he did not get the sex he knew he was entitled to. Other young men empathized with him and believed that if only someone had just slept with him everything would have been ok.

Feminazis say to burn all bras and that we must grow our leg hair long.
A woman in a size 8 dress is still considered plus size by the media.

Feminazis are frustrated because women cannot control our own bodies. Women are told we must carry a pregnancy all the way through to the end because a mother should always give up her life for a child.

Dead people with healthy organs cannot have them donated unless they offered to be donors before death because they have full body autonomy: the right to choose what happens with their own body, even if a small donation could save the life of another.

Feminists are slowly gaining two steps for every one step we move backwards.

Misogynists decided radical feminists are monsters because of what other misogynists have defined a feminist as.

The real difference between hardcore feminists and the threatened male masses is that the male masses have all the power. They are not marginalized, they are not thought of as trouble makers, and are only ever misguided, or having conservative values. They are not the monsters. They do the same thing as hardcore feminists. When was the last time you heard someone compare them to an entire group of people committing genocide? And if it did happen, how many people became seriously up in arms about it?

So congratulations. If you can honestly say that listening to the hardcore feminist agenda is annoying and filled with unfair complaints, and that you are for equal rights but wouldn’t want to help someone based on their radical need for equality, you are an indoctrinated misogynist. You do not know you are a misogynist and deny it because you express certain levels of equality, while ignoring those that would benefit the most. You cannot claim to be “humanist” if you will not support feminists. By demeaning their fight, you add to the problem because you are claiming they are not human.

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